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"An ancient compilation of Ethiopian legends, Kebra Negast (‘the Glory of Kings’), is dated to the 14th century AD and relates a history of Makeda and her descendants. In this account King Solomon is said to have seduced the Queen of Sheba and sired her son, Menelik I, who would become…


I did it i finally did it


I did it i finally did it



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Let me know when you get it

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hakuei ren, requested by almondeu

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When someone unfollows me I take it very personally.

I’m saying is it porn you wanteverytime i lose a follower from now on :D

I ask this … Every time.

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濡れドバッド | なつこ [pixiv]



濡れドバッド | なつこ [pixiv]


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I’m back with a new costume! Last year I’ve cosplayer Kougyoku Ren and this one Morgiana… I really want to do more characters in the near future! There are still some details that I don’t like or that I don’t have like her golden pendant, I will try my best next time!

Character: Morgiana (Mahrajan festival vrs.)
Serie: Magi: the labyrinth of Magic

Location: Aqualandia Cosplay Summer Party 2014.
PH: Rinoa Cosplay Photography

(Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lizziecosplay)


After reading latest chapter and looking back at the beginning of Magi, I don’t understand why Ugo told Aladdin he had no parents. Sure, his parents all died, but Ugo could’ve told him about Solomon and Sheba…like Aladdin would’ve been happy to know more about his parents…

But Ugo uses the fact that Aladdin was born from King Solomon to bring together people’s heart and hopes, I’m not saying that’s bad, he needed to do that somehow and that was his best move then…but why didn’t Ugo tell Aladdin that he was a hopeful existence to everyone????

All I can guess is that some other shit went down afterward that made Ugo a djinn and made him cut off all contacts with other djinns and prevented him from telling Aladdin more about Solomon and Sheba…

okay now I really have to read next chapter, what the fuck happened?!


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